How To Personalize Your Oxygen Concentrator

22 July 2015
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Whether you are working to become independent of your oxygen concentrator or you are planning on using it for the rest of your life in order to make breathing easier, you might feel awkward carrying the concentrator around. This can be frustrating because the oxygen concentrator is designed to increase your mobility by providing you with the amount of oxygen that you need to walk around easily without getting winded, but any embarrassment that you might feel could keep you from going out and enjoying yourself. One way that makes people feel more confident about their oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies that they need to use in an open setting is to personalize them. Here are some ways that you can personalize this visible piece of medical equipment.

1. Stickers

When you're walking around a library, there's a good chance that you might see people using their laptops. Many of these laptops are covered in stickers and decals from hackathons, concerts, comic book stores, and other places where people gather to show their enthusiasm about a subject. These stickers show what the person likes. Show the world that stickers are not just for laptops and consider putting stickers on your concentrator or the case of your concentrator.

To find stickers that are great for showing what you love, go online. There are many sites that have made stickers for all sorts of fandoms and activities. There are also sites that allow you to upload your own images and then pay to have these images printed on sticker paper and sent to you.

If you prefer to draw your images but still want them to look like stickers, draw the picture on a thick piece of paper or card stock. Then, mix one part vinegar to two parts craft glue in a small bowl and apply it to the back of the image with a paintbrush. Carefully apply the sticker to your concentrator.

2. Wrap Ribbons Around It

Another option is to go to a craft store and purchase wide ribbon that you would like to use to decorate your concentrator. Start at the bottom of the machine and glue one end of the ribbon to the side of the machine. Wrap the ribbon so that it is smooth and covers the entire concentrator. If one roll of ribbon runs out, glue the end of that roll to the concentrator and then start a new roll. Keep going until the concentrator is covered.

3. Glue Beads to It

A final idea is to take a hot glue gun and start covering the entire area with plastic beads. These plastic beads can be purchased in bulk online or from craft stores. Try to put the beads as close to each other as possible in order to cover the surface of the concentrator as completely as possible. You can either apply the beads randomly or use them to spell your name or draw a picture.

For more information about how you can decorate without covering up the controls of the oxygen concentrator, talk a medical supplier, like Corner Home Medical.