Grab Bars: Two Questions Answered About This Bathroom Upgrade

31 August 2015
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The shower and bathtub are among the places that you may be at the most risk for experiencing a fall. To help mitigate this common threat, it is possible to install grab bars that you can hold onto while you are standing in the tub or shower. Yet, if you have only recently become concerned about falling in the shower, you may not be particularly well-informed about these bars. After having the following two routine questions about these handles answered, you should be in a stronger position to decide if these safety bars are right for your bathroom. 

Can Grab Bars Be Installed On Glass?

There are many showers that have glass walls. While this can be aesthetically pleasing, there are many people that assume these bars can not be install on the glass. Luckily, this is not the case, and you can both enjoy the safety of grab bars with the beauty of a glass shower. 

To install these bars on glass, it will be necessary to use a special adhesive that can provide exceptional strength while also being waterproof. For the first day after these bars have been installed, you should refrain from using the shower to allow the adhesive to bond to the glass, but once this has happened, it should have no problem supporting your weight if you need to grab onto it. 

What Should Be Done For Rusting Grab Bars?

While grab bars are made to resist rusting, it is possible for rust to start to develop on these handles. This often occurs because the soaps, hair dyes and other products you use in the shower can weaken the protective coating on these bars. 

If you notice rust starting to form, you should be able to address this problem relatively easily. You will need to use sandpaper to remove the rust that has formed on the bars before applying a sealant to the bars.This sealant will restore the metal's water resistance, and it will only need a few minutes to a couple of hours to fully dry. 

Installing grab bars can be an excellent way of improving the safety of your shower or bath. For those that are unfamiliar with these bars, it is important to note that it is possible to install them on glass showers and that rust can easily be removed. By understanding these two points about grab bars, you can greatly enhance your understanding of this routine bathroom upgrade.