Correcting Common Myths Concerning Hearing Aids

18 November 2016
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When a person has the misfortune of losing their ability to clearly hear, it can have a devastating impact on their quality of life. Sadly, patients will often misunderstand the treatments available for hearing loss, which can cause them to make some fairly serious oversights. Making sure that you have a couple of the more routine myths concerning hearing aids refuted will allow you to better address this disruptive and potentially debilitating problem.   

Myth: Hearing Aids Are Only for the Elderly

Some individuals will fail to actually consider buying a hearing aid because there is a belief that these devices are only for the elderly. While elderly individuals may be among the more common patients to use hearing aids, these devices can be fitted for individuals of almost any age. This can be ideal for those that were born with hearing defects or that have suffered injuries that have cost them their hearing ability.

For younger individuals who are concerned about the aesthetics of wearing a hearing aid, there are very discreet options available. For example, many modern hearing aids are designed to fit completely inside the inner ear, which will make them almost impossible for other people to see.

Myth: A Hearing Aid Will Be Extremely Difficult for You to Properly Maintain

A hearing aid can be a rather expensive medical device to need. The cost of these devices as well as their importance make it imperative for you to properly care for the hearing aid. Sadly, some individuals may be leery of getting one of these devices due to concerns about the maintenance that they will require. Luckily, there are only a couple of things that will need to be done to keep your hearing aid in exceptional condition.

One of the more important tasks will be to gently clean the device after each use. This can be done by simply wiping the hearing aid with a microfiber cloth. To ensure that the hearing aid is as clean as possible, you should wipe it until there is no visible earwax left on the hearing aid's exterior. Additionally, you will want to test your hearing aid's battery at least once every couple of weeks. While these batteries are designed to last for many years, it can be possible for design issues and other problems to impact the battery's effectiveness. Fortunately, many hearing aids are designed with a battery test mode. You can often activate this test mode by pressing a button on the exterior. When the battery is getting dangerously low, the hearing aid may beep or flash a light so that you know the test is indicating that the battery needs to be changed.

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