Correcting Common Myths Concerning Hearing Aids

18 November 2016
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When a person has the misfortune of losing their ability to clearly hear, it can have a devastating impact on their quality of life. Sadly, patients will often misunderstand the treatments available for hearing loss, which can cause them to make some fairly serious oversights. Making sure that you have a couple of the more routine myths concerning hearing aids refuted will allow you to better address this disruptive and potentially debilitating problem. Read More 

Want To Open Your Own Research And Testing Lab? What To Know About Costs

23 August 2016
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Are you considering opening up your own lab facility to test blood work, urine samples and other things in your area? If you know that it could be profitable but are concerned about the cost of the startup process and how to bring on investors, there are a few things you want to think about first. Look into the following things to lower the cost of starting up the lab and help you get an accurate estimate of the cost break down for your presentation to investors. Read More 

Designing A Medical Device? 3 Mistakes Your Start-Up Will Want To Avoid

9 February 2016
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So, you've decided that you want to design a medical device for mass production and consumption? Once you have an idea, you need to get that idea approved by the FDA. Until then, it cannot reach the consumer market. Because this process can be tedious and complex, mistakes are often made by start-ups in the medical device industry. Here are three mistakes that you will want to make sure you avoid at all costs to increase your chances of success: Read More